~ Yoga ~


My style is a heart-oriented approach to yoga, combined with a deep understanding of alignment, therapeutics and yoga philosophy. Being a Reiki master and teacher,

I blend my healing and compassion into all that I offer!

~ Healing~ 


I have been offering Reiki since 2013.  Through a blend of Yoga and Reiki,

I can guide you on a path of therapeutic healing to restore the natural balance and harmony of your chakras.

Through a session specifically crafted to your individual needs, you will begin a journey of self-awareness and well -being. 

~ About~  

I moved to NYC from Japan in 1999 to study dance with the highly esteemed dancer, Lynn Simonson, where I also taught for some time. Shortly after, I was introduced to the practice of yoga and discovered the freedom it can bring to one’s busy life. This movement combination piqued my interest in multiple styles of yoga and the individual benefits each one bestows the practitioner.

Currently teaching yoga in Jersey City, New York and Japan.

My yoga teacher trainings and certifications include:

Anusara with Zhenja La Rosa; Prana with Jeff Migdow, MD and Robyn Ross; Prenatal with Janice Clarfield; Restorative with Jillian Pransky; and Yin yoga with Karen Mandell.




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