What to Expect

During Your Reiki Sessions?

I provide a safe, comfortable, private space for you to enjoy your Reiki sessions. Lying on a massage table, and fully clothed, you will relax by listening to soft meditation music (or no music if you prefer) as I scan your energy body by using a light touch of my hands. The head, shoulders, chest and stomach are most commonly worked with, along with the chakra system on occasion. Areas of physical ailment (such as a tweaked knee for example) are also focused on when needed.

During the session, as I scan your body, you may experience light tingling, buzzing, heat, or coolness in different parts of the body. All of this is natural and is a sign that your energy body is realigning and purifying itself. Deep relaxation or a sense of peace may also be experienced by the end of the session.

Chakra balancing Essential oils are offered as a complimentary bonus during sessions for clients to enjoy!

Reiki sessions


A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body; emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well - being.

Reiki Session Prices:

60-min session: $100

*Introductory Session*

60-min session:  $85


3×60min sessions.: $285 ($15 saving!)


5×60min sessions.: $450 ($50 saving!)

Distant Healing Reiki Session

30-min session: $50


3×30min sessions.: $15 ($15 saving!)

5×30min sessions.: $225 ($25saving!)

*All sessions Includes initial consultation

*All sessions at my location in Hoboken or Yoga Shunya Jersey City

*Additional traveling fee may apply for clients outside of Hoboken/Jersey City, NJ

*Gift Certificates Available

*Packages expire 3 months(3 sessions) 6 months(5 sessions) from the date of purchase

*Prices subject to change

*To Schedule, please contact Shoko

via e-mail:   shoko@shokoyoga.com